How to arrive

Leaving the airport take route No. 234 in direction to San Martin de los Andes, through the city and take the path to 7 Lagos (seven lakes). After travelling 25 km on a winding road you must cross a bridge over the Rio Hermoso and arrive at the junction with route 63 or Cordoba step. At this junction take route 63 towards the Meliquina Lake and after 1 km away on the Bank of the River, you will find the Hotel.

S 40.19.215 W 071.22.186


Distances from Río Hermoso Hotel to:

San Martín de los Andes: 25 km

Bariloche: 137 km

Villa La Angostura: 81 km

Buenos Aires: 1.591 km

Neuquén: 445 km

Chile) Mamuil Malal border: 153 Km

Chile) Cardenal Samoré border: 105 Km

By Plane:

Buenos Aires / Chapelco Airport: 1.55 h

Chapelco Airport / Río Hermoso Hotel: 45 min

Airlines: Aerolíneas Argentinas